“Supporting families accessing In Home Care and the Services and Educators providing this.”


Ensuring the best outcomes for children accessing  In Home Care is a team effort and we should all work together to ensure care is delivered to the highest standards possible.

According to the Minister’s Child Care Subsidy Rules 2017, the conditions of continued approval for In Home Care Service Providers, include the following requirements.

Approved Providers of IHC services must be equipped to provide high quality child care appropriate to the needs of families, and are required to:

  • provide a tailored, individual education program based on each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests
  • develop a program that acknowledges and strengthens the cultural identity of children to whom care is provided
  • ensure children are adequately supervised at all times
  • ensure reasonable precautions are taken to protect children from harm or injury and any hazard likely to cause harm or injury
  • ensure that at least one In Home Care educator who is caring for children at residential premises holds a current first aid qualification.
  • employment arrangements.

It is also important to share information about family circumstances and any changes to the Department of Education and Training and In Home Care Support Agency NSW & SA

For full details on your responsibilities as a service, download the National Child Care Service Handbook and the National In Home Care Guidelines.