“Supporting families accessing In Home Care and the Services and Educators providing this.”

What happens when a family contact the In Home Care Support Agency?

When a family contact us, they are stepped through an initial assessment process with their details added to our database. Once undertaking an initial assessment they are directed to one of our team.

If a family is suitable, a Family Management Plan will be completed to assess and detail a family’s requirements.

The family is made aware of their responsibilities to access IHC and they requested to provide evidence of their suitability.

Once the evidence is received the family will be referred to a service provider that has vacancies and educators available that best suit the family’s needs. If a suitable educator is not currently available, the family may be placed on a waiting list.

It is then the responsibility of the service to contact the family to ensure they can access the family’s premises to do a home safety check and discuss any further arrangements.