“Supporting families accessing In Home Care and the Services and Educators providing this.”

Is my family suitable for In Home Care?

In Home Care is not available to everyone, but can support families who are unable to access other types of approved child care that are not suitable or available to them. You also need to be sure you are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.

Families have to be:

  • working outside standard hours where normal child care services would be available; or
  • living in a rural or remote area where you are isolated from other types of child care; or
  • have complex or challenging needs where other types of child care don’t suite your family situation

Apply for In Home Care

If you believe you are suitable for In Home Care, call our office on 1800 442273 or email us on info@ihcsupportagency.org.au

Have questions?

Call us toll free on:

1800 IHCARE (1800 442273)