“Supporting families accessing In Home Care and the Services and Educators providing this.”

Learning resources

Below are some free resources to assist you to support children in your care and their families.

Children’s mental health
This initiative aims to transform Australia’s approach to supporting children’s and young people’s mental health in early learning services and schools, from early years to 18. Resources are available for early childhood educators.
KidsMatter Framework
Offers a comprehensive, systematic approach that groups identified protective factors for mental health into four KidsMatter Early Childhood Components
Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Early learning and development
Development and Communication

Children’s health
Health eating and physical activity 
Promote children’s Health, safety and hygiene practices
Supporting children’s ear health

Supporting Indigenous children
Deadly kids can listen and learn
Ear health

Supporting children with additional and complex needs
Early Years Connect Program
Video (52mins) Inclusion of children with complex additional needs: where do we start?
Video (63 mins) Strategies for children with speech, communication and language needs
Video (61 mins) IT tools for children with disability
Video (62mins) Encouraging positive behaviour
Video (54 mins) An inclusive philosophy and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
Video (55mins) Building an inclusive team
Video (57 mins) Transdisciplinary practice: building teams to support children
Video (62 mins)Practical strategies to support transitions
Video (64 mins) Learning about Autism
Video (60mins) Learning about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Video (57 mins) Sensory processing: Helping children belong and learn
Video (56 mins) ‘I’m concerned about a child’s development… now what?’
Video (54 mins) Physical adjustments for children with complex needs
Video (53 mins) Teaching children about (and through) inclusion

Working with families
Video (61 mins) Building partnerships with families

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