In Home Care and COVID-19

Some key things families should know about IHC and COVID-19

Is IHC still operational?

Yes it is! Like everything during COVID-19 things are a little disrupted and that disruption can be more or less depending on which In Home Care service you are using.

Is there any eligibility changes for In Home Care because of COVID-19?

No. Eligibility is the same. You need to have challenging or complex needs, be geographically isolated or work non-standard hours to be eligible for IHC.

Can my IHC Support educator help my children do their distance schooling?

No. In Home Care Educators are still not allowed to help children be schooled at home.

Can I apply for IHC now?

Yes. Priority goes to essential workers (working in or outside the home) and children who are vulnerable but you can apply. Because of changes to how IHC services are funded, services may not be able to recruit new educators for new families. This may mean that there may be delays for new families starting in IHC.

Is IHC free?

During COVID-19 the government has decided that all forms of childcare, including IHC is free for the duration. Priority must be given to families where one or more parents are essential workers and to families where children are vulnerable.

My educator has left and I am a nurse, what can I do?

Talk to your service . They may or may not be able to move another educator from their service for your family. They are unlikely to be able to find a new educator for you at this time.

My educator has said that they are not being paid. Is this true?

Educators should be being paid by their service. Many are also eligible for JobKeeper payments on top of this. As a completely new funding system was bought in for IHC services during COVID-19 and all childcare made free it may take some weeks for services to be aware of how much they can pay educators during this time.

My service has said my educator needs to change?

Services are having to shuffle educators during this period as some educators choose not to work or cannot work. Please be patient as they try and find the best educator for your family.

Why can’t I get the same number of hours of care or more?

Because educators are needing to be shuffled amongst families and because the current funding system makes it hard for services to take on new educators at this time, sometimes services may need to reduce the hours of care they can provide you. Please talk to your service if this creates problems for you.