Supporting In Home Care services in NSW & SA

What do we do for service providers?

We are the primary conduit between families and service providers, and we advocate for families.

As the IHC Support Agency we assess families against the criteria for In Home Care, match families to services with educators that are able to meet their needs and assist families in accessing other support services, if required.

We monitor service provision to ensure Service Providers offer high quality education and care and to ensure fee charging practices are appropriate.

Service delivery is based on a Family Management Plan agreed between the IHC Support Agency and the family.

We also:

  • reimburse service provider’s costs to visit families in Inner Regional, Outer Regional, Remote or Very Remote locations
  • administer a complaint handling mechanism for service providers, educators and families
  • provide guidance, resource material and professional development to educators about providing education and care in the family home and working with families with complex needs
  • we will establish a support forum for educators in each state and territory
  • are an independent organisation with whom educators can discuss any concerns relating to the safety and the physical environment in which they are working
  • make recommendations to the Department on the distribution of places between services.


Information brochures for IHC service providers

Child Care Provider Handbook

The requirements and responsibilities of approved education and care providers including IHC providers.

In Home Care Guidelines

The guidelines that govern the IHC program.

In Home Care Handbook

The operational policy for the IHC program.

Travel Reimbursement

IHC Services Travel Reimbursement Policy.

In Home Care Serious Incident Report

Australian Government Department of Education and Training form to use to report serious incidents

New services needed!

The In Home Care Support Agency is always looking for organisations that would like to become providers of IHC. IHC services need to be approved by the Australian Government and need to have the capacity to recruit, place and support educators in families homes. If you think this is something your organisation could do, in either South Australia or NSW please contact the IHC Support Agency on 1800 442 273.

The In Home Care Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.