Feedback and Complaints

The In Home Care Support Agency NSW & SA welcomes feedback on its services whether this is a compliment which can be passed on to staff or a complaint which may result in an improvement in the way we operate. We seek to ensure early resolution of complaints, grievances and appeals in an impartial manner. Treatment of all parties will be fair, and complaints will be dealt with promptly. All complaints will be viewed as an opportunity to learn, review practice and procedure and respond to evolving stakeholder requirements and the external environment.

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint may be made by any families, Educators or Service Providers affected or likely to be affected by actions or decisions of their Service Provider, IHC Support Agency staff or as a consequence of IHC Support Agency policy or procedure. A complaint may also be made by someone acting on behalf of the person, with their consent.

 How to make a complaint?

A straightforward complaint may easily be dealt with by telephoning the IHC Support Agency staff. Should a resolution not be arrived at quickly, families, services or educators should notify the IHC Support Agency in writing. This may be via the Complaints Form, available for download from this website or a form can be sent to you. Complaints can also be made via email or letter.

Please ensure you have provided sufficient details for your complaint to be investigated, including the name of the Service Provider, educators, families or staff member’s names, dates, and times when you are describing an event. You also need to state what outcome you are seeking and provide contact details. Complaints should be lodged within three months of the event concerned.

If the complaint/issue is not easily resolvable you may refer it to the manager, who is responsible for ensuring the formal complaint process is initiated and followed through.

Asking for a Review of a decision

Families can ask for an IHC eligibility decision to be reviewed if they feel they are not happy with an outcome. If the family does not agree with a final decision on their eligibility, the family can re- submit the application with additional information to the IHC Support Agency, to assist with the eligibility decision or the family can apply to the department for an internal review. Application for an internal review must be made no later than 13 weeks after you have received the decision. Application for review is to be sent to:

For more information:  procedures

Complaints or Feedback on the Support Agency

Any complaints or concerns about the IHC Support Agency should be firstly raised directly with the IHC Support Agency, to try and come to a resolution. If this is not possible, please raise your concerns or complaints to the Department of Education through the email address:

Families, Providers and Service (and Educators) In Home Care Support Agency
1800 4422 73 
Families Service Australia
1800 132 468 
Providers and Services (and Educators) Department of Education
1300 667 276 

NSW Ombudsman:

Department of Education:

Fair Work Ombudsman: